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Left to Right

Apostle SW Anthony, Apostle John Eckhardt

& Apostle Helen Epps

Apostle Anthony, was ordained in the ministry in 1985, at Word of Faith Center in Goldsboro, NC.

Apostle Anthony answered the call to pastor in 1996. 

Several years past, being used in the ministry of Evangelism, when she moved back to Durham, NC; where she became an Assistant Pastor at two prominent churches, before God birthed Praise & Deliverance Kingdom Community International.

Her schooling includes Shaw Divinity and North Carolina Bible College. 


Apostle Anthony is also a graduate of Assurance of Faith Ministerial Training Center.


She is also a Kingdom certified instructor under Bahamas Faith Ministries International in Nassau, Bahamas. 


She walks in the five-fold ministry as a repairer of the breach as the Holy Spirit anoints.


Apostle Anthony also moves in God’s  perfecting apostolic anointing to bring full fruition to the body of Christ as she preaches the Word & Word Only.

Left to Right

Apostle SW Anthony and Apostle Chuck Pierce

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