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Virtual Team Meeting

What is a KCI House Fire?

KCI House Fires are our "Watch What Happens Live" service after party that will ignite the Word of God that you received!

These interactive question and answer virtual Zoom gatherings are an extension of our services on the first and third Sundays of each month. They will be hosted by elders and leaders within KCI. Apostle Anthony and our prophets will join and pop into various House Fire rooms.

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About Us

KCI House Fires are an extension of our Apostolic center here at Kingdom Community International. Our purpose is to equip all nations using the 5-fold ministry to prepare them for their God-given call. 
​KCI House Fires are a place of virtual community - a place to gather, ask questions, be prayed for, and be equipped to be sent out into the world.
Where did the name House Fires come from?


The House church concept has long since been apart of the early Apostolic movement as a strategy to make disciples all over the world by bringing them into a faith community. The early Church knew that spiritual growth happens best in the context of people coming together, encouraging one another, and holding each other accountable by ensuring that each person understood the Word of the Lord. (Heb. 10:25).

While the Apostles brought people together into the most natural setting as possible at that time which was the homes of believers. We have the opportunity today to gather people through technology in their homes ensuring that they are equipped by igniting them in understanding with the Word of God.

The Fires concept comes from KCI's early days of Fireside chats with Apostle Anthony. We would gather into small groups to discuss what was happening in the community and what the Lord had been saying in the earth to ensure that we all were equipped with an understanding individually and corporately on how to move forward.

As with an Apostolic center, forward movement is a hallmark of our administration thus KCI House Fires is not just a new wineskin for us it is a natural progression into what the Lord has next for His people.


How do KCI House Fires work?


At the conclusion of each streaming KCI worship service on viewed on (Facebook and Youtube). A link will be shared for you to join the House Fire on Zoom. Once you sign into Zoom you will be filtered into a House Fire room where a KCI elder and leader along with other participants will be.

What is a House Fire session like?

Each House Fire will consist of about 5-6 participants and will last on average 30 minutes.
Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions during the House Fire concerning the service that just took place.
If a participant would like to request prayer. You can place your name and number into the Zoom chat feature and a Elder will contact you later at a pre-determined time.
To prompt conversation the Elder or leader facilitating the House Fire will ask 1-2 questions concerning the service. At the end of each House Fire all participants will be entered into a Community Fire virtual space where our Apostle Shirley Wade Anthony will be to conclude the House Fire sessions.
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KCI House Fires are


Outreach is a part of the KCI House Fires concept. We invite all of our friends, families, and neighbors to join us at one of the sessions. This outreach initiative is not just for the members of KCI. All are welcome to attend.

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